Mother's Day Hydrangeas:
A Spring Guide to the
Perfect Garden Gift

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and a hydrangea can make a perfect gift for any mother in your life.

Giving an Endless Summer® hydrangea to your loved ones means not only a season of beautiful color, but multiple years of reblooming beauty. We’ve put together the ultimate shopping guide to make sure you get the perfect hydrangea for your mother!

Before we get started, it’s important to know the difference between gift and garden hydrangeas. Gift hydrangeas can often be found at supermarkets during springtime and are not able to survive being planted in the ground.

You want to ensure you’re getting garden hydrangeas that are meant to be planted. Check out our video to learn more about this.

Now let’s jump into which hydrangea is the right pick for your mom!

Summer Crush® – Perfect for Containers

If your mom is looking for the perfect addition to her entry way or patio, then look no further than Summer Crush®!

This stunning pink hydrangea is a compact selection that is the perfect choice for adding to a decorative pot on a deck, by a pool, or even in the garden to add interest and height to the landscape.

Plant Summer Crush® in the pot by itself or add in some annuals to create a stunning display of color that will last for years if properly cared for. Check out our blog on container planting to learn even more.

Pop Star® – Perfect for Walkways

This electric blue beauty is a great choice if your mom is planning to plant along a walkway or the border of a garden bed. Pop Star® is another compact selection that has stunning bloom power and is sure create a beautiful impact when planted.

The Original – Perfect for Hedges

Is your mom hoping to create that classic Nantucket hydrangea hedge in her own garden? Then The Original is the hydrangea for you! Featuring big blooms in that iconic shade of blue, this hydrangea has a mature size of 5-6 feet wide, making it the perfect choice for planting a hedge that brings charm and structure to the landscape.

Always make sure to allow for space between your hydrangeas when planting to ensure they have space to grow and breathe.

BloomStruck® – Perfect for Focal Points

A great and easy way to use a hydrangea is as a focal point. BloomStruck® is a great option for accomplishing this gardening goal.

Placing it in a central area of your mom’s garden will draw the eye directly in and create balance throughout the space. Those multicolored blooms are sure to draw the eye wherever it is planted!

Planting and Care Tips for Beginners

If this will be the first hydrangea in your mom’s garden, make sure to utilize our blog as a resource! Check out our planting and care blog to ensure that you are starting off on the right foot with your hydrangea wherever you end up planting it.

There are also fun DIYs and arrangement ideas in our hydrangea décor blog that help bring the beauty of your mom’s new hydrangea indoors.

There are so many fun ways to plant Endless Summer® in your landscape and we hope this gives you a start with enjoying beautiful hydrangeas in your space!

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