How to Plant Hydrangeas in Containers

Don’t have space for the hydrangea garden of your dreams? Maybe your dream garden is still under construction, or perhaps your balcony is your green space. No problem! Endless Summer® hydrangeas thrive in pots, bringing their vibrant beauty to patios, balconies, and even tiny apartment fire escapes. Create a beautiful garden even in the smallest of spaces.

The Benefits of Hydrangeas in Pots

Planting hydrangeas in containers allows you to add color to multiple areas of your space. Create a stunning entrance with a pair of hydrangeas flanking your doorway. Add them to your apartment balcony and bring a splash of beauty to city living. You can even use them in your garden to add height and interest to the landscape.

How to Plant Your Hydrangea Like a Pro

The first step to planting in a pot is choosing the right hydrangea for you. We love planting Summer Crush® and Pop Star® in decorative pots thanks to their stunning bright blooms and compact size. These two will also last multiple seasons in their pot if properly cared for.

If you’re hoping to plant something a little larger, like The Original, just know that you will need to plant it in the landscape when it eventually outgrows its pot. Check out our blog on transplanting hydrangeas for more information on that process.

The size of your pot depends on how long you plan to keep your hydrangea in there and if you want to add some colorful annuals. No matter the size, make sure your pot has drainage holes to prevent root rot.

Here’s the planting play-by-play:
  1. Grab a pot a few inches bigger than the one your hydrangea currently calls home. If you’re planning on a long-term commitment or adding some buddies like annuals, shoot for a pot at least 15-18 inches in diameter.
  2. Find a good quality potting mix that drains well and has slow-release fertilizer built-in.
  3. Fill your pot with enough potting mix so that when the hydrangea is settled in, the soil line from its original pot sits a couple of inches below the rim.
  4. Gently remove your hydrangea from the pot it came in and place it in its new container. Fill in the sides with more potting mix until the soil levels match.
  5. Water your hydrangea thoroughly until water flows freely out of the drainage holes. Do it again for good measure.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on how quickly your potted hydrangea dries out. Unlike in-ground plants, these guys can dry out faster. Water when the soil feels dry to the touch. Check out our blog on watering to learn more about caring for your container hydrangea.

Keeping Your Potted Hydrangea Happy Through Winter

Did you know potted hydrangeas can be overwintered so you can enjoy them for multiple seasons? Yes, even our cold climate gardening friends can make this happen! Check out our blog on overwintering containers for all the tips.

Planting hydrangeas in pots is a fantastic way to enjoy their big, beautiful blooms even if you don’t have a sprawling garden. It’s a simple process with tons of benefits. So, why not give it a try and bring a touch of hydrangea magic to your outdoor space?

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