How to Fertilize Hydrangeas

Fertilizing hydrangeas can be just like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning – it gives them the kick they need to get some work done! Endless Summer® hydrangeas are naturally reblooming, but adding fertilizer can help get those blooms going! This boost of energy can help produce gorgeous blooms throughout the season.

However, over fertilizing can cause a bloom shortage. Let’s go over the dos and don’ts of fertilizing hydrangeas so that you are successful in the garden this year.

Fertilizing vs. Soil Amending

One very important clarification is the difference between amending soil and fertilizing. Soil amendments can be done if your soil is especially full of clay or sand, for example, and can be done by adding compost and organic matter to the soil.

You can also amend your soil if you’re hoping to change the color of your hydrangea. By making your soil more acidic or alkaline, you can switch your blooms from blue to pink or vice versa. Check out our blog on fertilizer and soil amendments to learn more.

Choosing the Right Fertilizer

When picking which fertilizer you’ll use for your hydrangeas, be sure to choose a slow-release granular fertilizer also known as a bloom booster. This will be essential in providing the nutrients your hydrangeas need to produce those big, beautiful blooms.

How to Fertilize

The first time you’ll want to fertilize your Endless Summer® is in the spring once you begin seeing new, green growth. The growth can appear either at the base of the plant or along the stem. Apply the fertilizer to the base of the plant and always follow the instructions on the bag of the brand you’ve purchased.

The second time you’ll apply fertilizer is in late June or early July to promote the rebloom of your hydrangeas. Follow the same instructions as above, and be sure to check out our blog on deadheading for tips on that process. By deadheading spent blooms and applying fertilizer, you help your hydrangea create new, beautiful blooms.

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