Seasonal Pruning Tips for Hydrangeas

It can be tempting to grab your pruners and fix all those tiny imperfections in the garden, but sometimes that can actually do more harm than good! Over pruning your Endless Summer® hydrangea can stunt their growth and limit the bloom production for those early season blooms.

Let’s go over the dos and don’ts of pruning season by season so that you can be successful with your hydrangeas.


Endless Summer® hydrangeas need very little pruning or even no pruning at all. However, if you feel some pruning is necessary spring is the ONLY time to do so.

Remember that Endless Summer® hydrangeas grow on old and new growth, so it’s important to be very careful about where you prune. Always wait until you see new, green growth before you do any pruning.

If you see old buds that are crunchy and brown, those can be pruned. If the buds are green and soft, don’t prune them. Always make sure to cut at a 45-degree angle just above the last green bud on the stem.

To learn even more about spring pruning, make sure to watch our video.


The summer months require no pruning for your hydrangeas, but they will eventually require you to deadhead. As the summer progresses, your hydrangea blooms will start to fade. Once this happens, feel free to remove the spent blooms by using a process called deadheading.

Since Endless Summer® hydrangeas are reblooming, deadheading encourages the hydrangea to use its energy to produce new blooms throughout the season. Watch our video on deadheading to learn more.


There’s only one thing to say about fall pruning: don’t do it. Endless Summer® hydrangeas set their buds in the fall, so pruning during this time can cause you to miss out on those early season blooms that are being set for next spring.

Watch our video on fall pruning to get the full scoop.


During winter you can fully relax and enjoy the multi-season interest those dried hydrangea blooms give your garden!

To recap, Endless Summer® hydrangeas require very little pruning, but if you feel that it must be done spring is the time to do it and fall is the time to avoid!

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