Hydrangea Plant Pairing Inspiration

Need some plant pairing help? Stuck on what to plant next to your Endless Summer® hydrangea?  Luckily, we’re here to make your life easier! Endless Summer® hydrangeas come in a range of colors and sizes, making it easy to fit them into any spot in your space. Let’s dive right into plant pairings to help you create a gorgeous garden full of hydrangeas!

What are Plant Pairings?

Plant pairings are exactly what they sound like: plants that pair nicely when planted next to each other. A good plant pairing will seamlessly blend your space together through complimentary colors, textures, and sizes.

By picking the right plant pairings you can design a beautiful garden that fits the needs of your space – whether you need a walkway border, a hedge for some privacy or a colorful focal point to tie your whole space together! Check out our landscape design tips blog to learn more about designing your space with Endless Summer®.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few key factors that come into play when pairing your plants. Remember to keep the height and width of your plants in mind once they reach maturity. Planting a large hydrangea, like The Original, somewhere that it can’t comfortably grow into will stunt its development.

Also, remember to think about the pH of your soil when planting your Endless Summer® hydrangeas. You may be trying to pair the beautiful pink blooms of Summer Crush® to the plants in your space, but if the soil’s pH is too acidic, the blooms can turn purple/blue. Head to our blog on amending your soil to learn more.

Now we’re going to share some inspiration for ways that you can pair your Endless Summer® hydrangeas in both warm and cool climates, and for these examples, we’ll be using Pop Star® Reblooming Hydrangea.

Warm Climate Plant Pairings

This garden bed displays a beautiful pairing of plants that offer a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. Pop Star® borders one end of the bed, showcasing vibrant blue blooms against the gorgeous green of First Editions® Vintage Jade Distylium which is an excellent source of structure in the design. First Editions® Little Hottie® Panicle Hydrangea fills out the other structure needs, while also providing a contrasting source of color with its large white blooms. Finally, planting coneflowers throughout this display gives another source of fun color and texture to complement your other choices.

Pop Star® brings flashes of color to this unique design featuring evergreens and other shrubs. The bed is filled with year-round greenery as First Editions® Vintage Jade Distylium offers structure and a clean look. In the summer, Pop Star® steals the show with its vibrant blooms. These colors pair extremely well alongside Kashmir Rose. As winter begins, the foliage of First Editions® Cool Glow® Peach Nandina turns peach and apricot, adding flare to your winter garden. For height, the pairing features First Editions® Straight & Narrow® Japanese Holly along the back border.

Cool Climate Plant Pairings

This classic plant pairing will be a stunning addition to your space as the bright and vibrant colors of Pop Star® draw the eye and the additional plants only enhance it. First Editions® Iceberg Alley® Sageleaf Willow provides structure and interesting color and texture to the design, while the orange of the day lilies pops against the electric blue of Pop Star®. Finally, tall feather reed grasses round out the pairings by acting as a hardy border behind Pop Star®

This hardy line up of plants thrives in the western regions of the country. The heat-tolerant foliage of Pop Star® keeps the plant looking sharp while the blooms show off their color. The golden blooms and narrow leaves of First Editions® Cobalt-n-Gold Hypericum offer striking contrast to Pop Star’s® color. Cat’s Pajamas Catmint reinforces the cool colors of Pop Star® while softening the edge of the bed. Easy Elegance® Paint the Town Rose shines with popping red blooms and First Editions® Little Hottie® Panicle Hydrangea rises above the bed, complimenting the reblooming power of Pop Star®.

And that’s it! Plant pairing is simple when you have the right tools. If you have questions about plant pairings, let us know on social! Follow along @endlesssummerhydrangeas and sign up for our monthly newsletter for inspiration, care tips, and more delivered right to your inbox.

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