Gardening Calendar

Keep up to date with what your Endless Summer® Hydrangeas need throughout the year with this handy gardening calendar.

Pop Star hydrangea being planted in the landscape


  • Remove winter protective mulch a week or two after snow melts.
  • Prune out old branches where no new growth is showing.
  • Clean out leaves and dead branches.
  • Plant your new hydrangea according to your garden plan.
Late Spring

  • Apply color kits to change the color of your hydrangea blooms, if desired.
  • After the last frost, move decorative pots outside or uncover buds. Transplant while dormant, as desired.
  • Now is a good time to start fertilizing

Summer Crush hydrangea in the landscape


  • Water Fun! Water your hydrangeas to make sure that the soil is moist (1″ per week should do the trick)
  • Remember that during the hot summer days some blooms may wilt but will recover when the day cools down
  • Make sure you have adequate mulch to keep soil moisture in!
  • Cut flowers for mid-summer arrangements
  • Sit back and enjoy!

BloomStruck hydrangea in the fall garden


  • Cut fall-color hydrangeas for arrangements.
  • Continue to water adequately until frost.
  • Leave blooms on hydrangeas for winter interest.
  • Bring containers inside after the first frost.
  • Cover the base of the hydrangea with wood chips, leaves, etc. for winter protection.

Snow covered hydrangea in the winter


  • Plan your Spring Garden!
  • Remove heavy snow to avoid stem damage.
  • Use dried blooms for holiday arrangements and centerpieces.