How to Care for
Hydrangeas in Winter

Summer Crush hydrangeas in the winter

When winter arrives, and the garden is quiet, you might ask yourself what care your Endless Summer® hydrangeas need in the winter. The long and short of it is this: not very much! While you’ve put in the work during spring, summer, and fall, there are only a few things to keep in mind during the winter.

Overwintering Hydrangeas

When winter arrives, you should have already done all the overwintering work to help your hydrangeas survive the cold winter months. If you need a refresher on what you did or if you need to double check you did everything necessary, we have quite a few resources to help you out:

Twist-n-Shout Hydrangea in the snow

Winter Watering

If you live in a colder climate that gets snow throughout the winter, there is no need to water your hydrangeas in the winter. If you live in a warmer climate that doesn’t see much, or any, snowfall and winter rain, you may need to give your plants a little water. There’s no need to water your hydrangeas in the winter with the same amount of water you use in the summer. If you have not had much winter rainfall and your plants are pretty dry, give it a little water. Typically, a little water once a month during dry spells will be enough.

Don’t Prune Hydrangeas in Winter

You’ve heard it from us in the fall, and the same is true in winter: don’t prune your hydrangeas in the winter! As a reminder, Endless Summer® hydrangeas grow on both old and new wood. If you prune your hydrangeas this winter, you risk missing out on the first round of blooms next spring.

Dried hydrangea holiday garland

Hydrangea DIY Crafts

While there’s not much to do in the winter garden, there is a lot you can do inside with dried hydrangeas. Whether it’s dried hydrangea arrangements or holiday decor, we’ve got plenty of hydrangea DIY ideas to fill your time in the winter in our Hydrangea Decor Guide!

Plan for Spring

The calm winter months are a great time to sit back and plan what you want your gardens to look like next year. Our blog on spring planning is a great place to learn how to prepare for next year’s garden and how to set your hydrangeas up for a fantastic season.

Minus a few small things to keep in mind, winter is the time of the year when you can sit back and enjoy all the splendors of your season in the garden. We’d love to see if you have any photos from this season in the garden! Submit your photos here for a chance to be featured on Endless Summer® social.