Fall Planting Guide

If you think of hydrangeas, do you usually think of summer? Us too! You might be surprised to learn that fall is one of the best times to get your Endless Summer® hydrangeas in the ground. Let’s talk about why!

BloomStruck hydrangea in the fall garden

Summer Crush hydrangeas planted in a row in the landscape

Why Fall?

Fall is a milder season than summer and allows more time for your hydrangeas to get established in the landscape before having to deal with harsh heat, sun, and drought like they potentially might throughout the summer months. Planting in fall means your plants have time to establish in their new home, which will help them thrive and bloom next season.

How to Plant in Fall
  1. Make sure you select a spot for your hydrangea where it will thrive. For Endless Summer® that means somewhere with full morning sun and dappled afternoon shade.
  2. Make sure to protect your plant with a layer of mulch around the base. This is especially important as the cold creeps in when winter arrives.
  3. Don’t forget to water! September may be cooler than summer months, but you still need to water your hydrangeas to keep them happy and healthy. Learn more about watering hydrangeas here.
  4. No fertilizer! This is an important thing to skip if you are planting in the fall. Adding fertilizer encourages your hydrangea to grow, something you don’t want your hydrangea to do in the fall. New growth is tender and more susceptible to the cold temperatures. So put the fertilizer away until next spring.

Check out our planting blog here to learn everything you’ll need to know about planting Endless Summer® hydrangeas.

How to Shop for Fall Planting

Another great reason to plant in the fall, is that you get a full picture of your garden. You’ll be planting at the end of the season rather than the beginning so you will be better able to gauge the size and spacing of any new hydrangeas you add.

To shop, think about the areas in your garden that maybe need some more color or structure. Maybe you were thinking of adding a hydrangea hedge using The Original! Whatever your plans, you’ll be able to find Endless Summer® at your local garden center using our Find a Retailer tool or by shopping the collection online.