Tips for Watering Container Hydrangeas

Now that you’ve planted your Endless Summer® Hydrangeas in containers, you might be thinking to yourself, “Do I care for these the same as the ones planted in my landscape?” The answer is no. Hydrangeas in containers can dry out a bit faster than those planted in the ground. Review the following tips for how to water your container hydrangeas to make sure you get the most out of their beautiful blooms!

Check the Soil
In general, container plantings dry out quicker than their in-ground counterparts. There are many reasons why that happens. The soil makeup, the closed system the plants are growing in, and the amount of soil in the container are all contributing factors. Therefore, you want to check the soil in your container regularly. To do so, stick your finger in the soil about 2-3 inches deep. If it’s moist, no need to water today. If it’s dry, watering is a must. You can also look at the color of the soil. Wet soil tends to be darker in color, while dry soil tends to be lighter. During the growing season and especially on hot and windy days, it’s best to do daily soil checks.

If the soil in your container is dry, that’s a sure sign your hydrangea needs some water. Give your hydrangea a good soak by lifting up the stems and watering at the base of the plant. Watering at the base mitigates the risk of foliar disease, which can happen when you water from the top and the foliage gets wet. Water your hydrangea until the soil is thoroughly moist. It’s best to water your plants early morning or later evening when the sun isn’t as intense. That way, the water has a chance to soak into the roots before the heat of the day.

Let’s Talk About Flagging
Did you know that most mophead hydrangeas flag, or droop, during the hottest part of the day? This is natural and common, so resist the urge to douse your hydrangea with water when you see it drooping. While hydrangeas love water, they don’t love being over-watered. If you notice some flagging, check the soil in your container to know if the flagging is due to the heat of the afternoon or your hydrangea really needs some water.

Remember Each Plant in Unique
If you have multiple container hydrangeas, it’s important to remember that no one is alike. Depending on their age, the size of the container, and its placement in your landscape, your hydrangeas may need unique care to thrive. However, there’s no reason to be frightened. Like us, plants flourish when a little care and effort is taken to figure out individual needs. Just remember to check the soil for each container planting you have and water accordingly to ensure your Endless Summer® Hydrangeas thrive all season long!