How to Deadhead Hydrangeas

Have you ever noticed your hydrangea blooms fading or turning brown? If you have, there’s no need to panic. It just means that it’s time to deadhead!

Deadheading means removing the spent bloom from the hydrangea. To properly deadhead, all you have to do is cut the faded bloom just below the flower head and above the next set of large leaves.

It may seem counterintuitive, but deadheading doesn’t hurt the plant at all. In fact, because Endless Summer® hydrangeas rebloom, deadheading helps focus the hydrangeas energy on producing more blooms for you to enjoy throughout the season.

When Should You Deadhead?

Endless Summer® hydrangea’s first bloom cycle lasts until about mid-July. That’s about when the blooms start to fade, and you know that it’s time to get deadheading!

While deadheading can be done throughout the summer, you should make sure to stop in mid to late fall. Leaving that final set of blooms on your hydrangeas provides gorgeous winter interest. Check out our seasonal pruning guide to learn more about caring for your hydrangea.

And it’s as simple as that! Deadheading is a great way to easily help support the health and happiness of your hydrangeas, plus the gorgeous rebloom that happens each summer.

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