How to Plant a Hydrangea Hedge

Have you ever dreamed of a big, beautiful Nantucket hydrangea hedge? Us too!

It takes time for a hedge to fill in, but it’s 100% worth it in the end. Today, we’re rolling up our sleeves and sharing the best way to plant the perfect hydrangea hedge, whether you live on the east coast or not!

What is a Hydrangea Hedge?

For those who may be unfamiliar, a hydrangea hedge is a large privacy screen made up of multiple hydrangeas. Once filled in, hydrangea hedges create a stunning display in the garden by adding a multitude of blooms to your space.

Which Hydrangea Works the Best for Hedges?

You can make a hedge with any of the Endless Summer® hydrangeas. If you’re after that classic Nantucket hedge vibe, then we can’t recommend The Original Reblooming Hydrangea enough.

Reaching three to five feet tall and wide, The Original Reblooming Hydrangea is a great choice for gardeners looking to create a larger and taller hedge in their landscape. If a smaller hedge is what you’re after, then try out Summer Crush® Reblooming Hydrangea or Pop Star® Reblooming Hydrangea for a border hedge!

Tips for Planting Beautiful Hydrangea Hedges

The main thing to keep in mind when planting your hedge, is to leave enough space in between each hydrangea for them to reach their full mature height and width.

It may look a little silly in the beginning, but the payoff will be worth it in a couple of years. Leaving plenty of room allows the plant to breathe and helps with air circulation, which means your hydrangea will stay happy and healthy.

Our other top tip is to make sure that the area you’re envisioning a hedge is suited for hydrangea growth. Endless Summer® hydrangeas need full morning sun and dappled afternoon shade, so double check the amount of sun your space prior to planting.

For even more information on planting hydrangeas, head to our hydrangea planting and care blog.

How to Plant a Hydrangea Hedge Using The Original Reblooming Hydrangeas

Step One

Plant your first hydrangea by following the tips laid out in our planting and care blog.

Step Two

Measure out 2.5 feet from the center & dig a hole that far apart from the first hydrangea.

Step Three

Repeat steps two and three on each side of the first hydrangea you planted.

Step Four

Enjoy your hydrangea hedge!

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