Landscaping with Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a great way to add color, structure, and classic beauty to any landscape. There are many different ways you can get creative with your hydrangeas in your space because of their versatility in size and color. Here are a few ways to utilize Endless Summer® Hydrangeas in your garden to provide inspiration and help you get started.

Focal Point

A great and easy way to use your hydrangea is as a focal point. Placing it in a central area of your garden will draw the eye directly in and create balance throughout your space. BloomStruck® is a great option to add to your landscape as a focal point. Those multicolored blooms are sure to draw the eye wherever it is planted!

Hydrangea Hedge

Planting your hydrangeas as a hedge can give your landscape some much needed structure and charm, much like those iconic hydrangeas in Cape Cod. Make sure that when you plant a hedge, you consider the full size of the plant at maturity and allow space between your plants so they can grow successfully. Using The Original Hydrangea as a hedge adds that Cape Cod feel to your space wherever you are!

Container Planting

Utilizing containers in your landscape is a great way to get moveable pops of color throughout your space. Decorative containers can add some fun creativity to your entryway, patio, porch, or as a part of your garden. Pop Star® is a wonderful container plant due to its compact size and adds great color to your space. Learn all about planting and caring for container hydrangeas here.

Walkway Lining

You can also plant hydrangeas along a walkway to act as a border and add some structure. Twist-n-Shout® is a good option for executing this thanks to it size and shape – plus that gorgeous color!

There are so many fun ways to plant Endless Summer® in your landscape and we hope this gives you a start with enjoying beautiful hydrangeas in your space! Check out our planting and care blog to ensure that you are starting off on the right foot with your hydrangea wherever you end up planting it. Follow along with @endlesssummerhydrangeas on social and sign up for our monthly newsletter for inspiration, care tips, and more delivered right to your inbox. To shop Endless Summer®, use our Find a Retailer tool to locate garden centers near you that sell Endless Summer® hydrangeas, or shop the collection online during our shipping season.