Container Hydrangea

Have you tried planting your Endless Summer® Hydrangeas in decorative containers? If not, you are missing out! Hydrangeas in decorative containers are sure to wow as gorgeous accents in your landscape. And, the best part? You don’t have to have a large garden space to use this design technique! All you need is a hydrangea, a pot, some soil, and water, and you’re set. Browse through our list of tips and tricks for how you can use containerized hydrangeas in your landscape. We think it might just inspire you to want to try this at home!

Add a Pop of Color in the Garden

Container hydrangeas can do wonders when placed right in the middle of a garden. You may ask, “Why wouldn’t I just plant the hydrangea in the ground?” but to that, we say, “There are many reasons!” Container hydrangeas are perfect to use in spots where you have not yet determined the final garden design. These containers (depending on their size, of course) can easily be moved around the garden, so you can see what that specific hydrangea looks like in different areas. Added bonus: you have the flexibility to move around the plant to the area in your space where it performs the best, so you don’t have to wait to transplant the hydrangea at the ideal time of year.

Containers aren’t just perfect for those who are still deciding on that perfect garden design. They are also a great way to add some different heights and textures into an area that might not already have that. As you can see above, Summer Crush® adds a vertical pop of color and texture to the garden.

Think of Plant Pairings

Hydrangeas are, of course, beautiful all on their own. But they’re equally beautiful when paired with other plants. This plant pairing can be done right in the container; just make sure you’re working with a larger-sized container. We love how BloomStruck® Hydrangea looks with First Editions® Fireside® Ninebark, and First Editions® Tiger Eyes® Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac. The purple blooms on BloomStruck® pair beautifully with the red-purple leaves on Fireside®. The bright green leaves on Tiger Eyes® add a nice contrast while also adding a different texture to the mix. When thinking of what plants to pair with your hydrangeas at home, keep in mind what color palette you’re hoping to achieve, what plants require similar watering and care, and then have fun with it!

Create Interest with Different Plant Varieties

Plant pairings don’t just have to happen in the ground or in one container. As seen here, you can plant different varieties in different containers to create some unbeatable interest. Here, the blue blooms of The Original Hydrangea and the bright green and yellow of Potentilla create colorful patio interest that transports you right into the middle of summer. Pick out your favorite potentilla from the First Editions® collection to achieve something similar at home!

Decorate Your Outdoor Entertaining Space

Another place of opportunity to bring color and interest is those outdoor entertaining spaces. Because why settle for just furniture when you can include some beautiful blooms in the space? Containers are perfect for patios, decks, near fire pits, pools, and really any other entertaining area you can think of! If you’re as hydrangea crazy as we are, try planting multiple different hydrangeas in different containers. It will be just like a collection garden in the landscape, but this time they’ll be in containers!

Entry Opportunities

This will probably come as no surprise, but decorative containers can do wonders for entryways. Whether you have two containers on either side, like seen above with Twist-n-Shout®, just one, or quite a few, containerized hydrangeas are a great way to bring impact to any entry. That’s the beauty of containers; they are an easy way to add green to a spot that is usually concrete or wood.

Curate Your Perfect Summer Evening

Who doesn’t love enjoying a summer evening out on the porch, sipping a tasty drink, and enjoying the warmth of the sun? Adding a container hydrangea to that space, whether it’s on a front porch or backyard patio, is a sure way to make that perfect summer evening activity even more perfect. We love the pairing of The Original Hydrangea and Lobelia in this container because of its simplicity and elegance.

We hope you can take some inspiration for your home from these ideas and fall in love with container hydrangeas as much as we do! Make sure to review our tips and best practices for container gardening with Endless Summer® Hydrangeas by watching this episode of Garden Gab dedicated to just that! And, when you’re ready to go out and get your hydrangeas, use our Find a Retailer tool to help you locate the closest garden center to you where you can find Endless Summer® Hydrangeas! Have fun, and we can’t wait to see how you use container hydrangeas in your space.