BloomStruck® Hydrangea 101: Planting, Care, and Inspiration

Endless Summer® BloomStruck® Reblooming Hydrangea is a showstopping hydrangea that adds great color and interest to every garden. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about BloomStruck® to be successful with it in your landscape.

Those Blurple Blooms!

BloomStruck® is famous for its blueish, purplish blooms that add stunning color to the garden all season long. Depending on your soil pH, the blooms can turn a vivid rose-pink as well. Watch our video on making your hydrangea bloom to help maximize your blooms all season.

Green with Envy

To compliment those gorgeous blooms, BloomStruck® also sports dark green foliage and red-purple stems with red petioles and red veins that offer great contrast to the other plants in your space.

In the Landscape

BloomStruck® makes a phenomenal focal point in the landscape. Those multicolored blooms draw the eye anywhere you’d like it to go in the garden, making BloomStruck® an excellent choice for gardeners looking to place the cherry on top of their space.

In a Container

Planting BloomStruck® in a container is a great way to brighten up a deck, patio, or entry way. You can also utilize a container in your garden to give added height or moveable pops of color to your space. Check our video on planting Endless Summer® in containers to learn more.

Plant Details
  • Height: 3-4’
  • Width: 4-5’
  • Exposure: Part Shade
  • Hardiness Zone: 4-9
  • Heat Zone: 9
  • Shape: Rounded to spreading
  • Flower Color: Rose-pink or blue-purple depending on your soil pH
  • Foliage: Dark Green

Care Tips for BloomStruck®

Planting: Check our blog on planting and care to get all the best tips and information on how to plant your BloomStruck® in the landscape.

Watering: BloomStruck loves water but does not love being overwatered. Make sure to check the soil to gauge how much moisture it has and watch our video on watering tips.

Fertilizing: BloomStruck® can be fertilized in early spring to encourage new growth and again around July to assist with the rebloom. Learn more about fertilizing BloomStruck®.

Pruning: Endless Summer® hydrangeas need very little or even no pruning at all. However, if you do feel it is necessary spring is the ONLY time to prune. Check out our video to learn everything you need to know about spring pruning.

Feeling the need to get your own BloomStruck®? Order yours online or use our Find a Retailer tool to find Endless Summer® hydrangeas at a garden center near you.