DIY Dried Hydrangea Vase Arrangement

Step 1: Round up your supplies

  • A vase – we prefer translucent so you’re able to see what’s inside
  • 3-6 pinecones, depending on the size of your vase
  • 5-6 dried hydrangeas
  • 1 roll of twine or raffia
Step 2: Fill the vase

Carefully stack the pine cones on top of one another, leaving about an inch or two from the top of the vase.

Step 3: Tie raffia

Cut 12-24” of your preferred raffia and wrap around the vase, leaving about 7” on each side to secure a bow.

Step 4: Adorn with dried hydrangeas

And voila!

What are you planning to create this fall with your dried hydrangeas? Make sure to share your project with us by tagging @endlesssummerhydrangeas and using #LifeInFullBloom.