Enjoy the beauty Endless Summer® hydrangeas bring all year long, regardless of season, with this dried hydrangea urn arrangement – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

DIY Dried Hydrangea Urn Arrangements

Step 1: Round up your supplies

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Small to medium size container, urn or vase
  • 1 piece floral foam
  • 4-5 dried hydrangeas
  • 1 bunch of red-twig dogwood (we like to use Firedance Dogwood)
Step 2: Trim & Fill

Carefully cut back unnecessary length from the hydrangea stem using a pair of gardening shears so that the bloom rests on the side of the container. Insert into dry floral foam to secure in place. Continue until you’ve place all of your hydrangea stems into the floral foam, grouping blooms tightly together for a full look.

Step 3: Insert Dogwood

We spray painted a few stems of Firedance Dogwood silver for an even more festive touch.

And you’re done!

What are you planning to create this fall with your dried hydrangeas? Submit your photos to the Endless Summer® Facebook page or share them on Instagram using #EndlessSummerHydrangeas.

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