Hydrangeas, What the Heck?

Many people remember hydrangeas from their childhood. Today we are falling in love with them all over again. And the good news is that we can now grow hydrangeas our grandmothers never even dreamed of with less work and many, many more blooms.


Likes: Morning sun, afternoon shade. Moist, well-drained soil.
Bloom: Warmer regions: June-Oct. | Cooler regions: July-Oct.
Pruning: Only dead stems after green leafy growth appears in spring. Prune sparingly and deadhead as needed.
Zone: 4-8
Colors: Purple, Pink, Blue, White


Likes: Full sun to part shade with well-drained soil.
Bloom: May-July
Pruning: Right after flowering, if needed. Winter-damaged steams may be pruned in early spring.
Zone: 5-8
Colors: Starts white, matures to pink


Likes: Full sun to part shade. Needs cool fall nights to change bloom color later in the season.
Bloom: July-September
Pruning: Late winter or early spring. Cut stems back by 30-50%.
Zone: 3-8
Colors: Starts white and ages to pink or red


Likes: Partial shade. Will grow in full sun if soil is moist enough.
Bloom: June-August
Pruning: Prune to the ground in late winter.
Zone: 3-9
Colors: White, pink. Color depends on variety.