Hydrangea Lover Resources

Hydrangea Societies

If you are a huge fan of hydrangeas and would like to be more involved, there are some excellent regional hydrangea societies throughout the United States. Connect with them and grow together!

American Hydrangea Society

Cape Cod Hydrangea Society

Mid-South Hydrangea Society

Alabama Hydrangea Society

St. Louis Hydrangea Society

Botanical Gardens

Would you like to see a garden with beautiful collection of hydrangeas? These are some of the best in the nation and will provide great hydrangea inspiration.

Heritage Museum & Gardens
Located in Sandwich, MA, the Heritage Gardens holds the Cape Cod Hydrangea Garden.



Aldridge Gardens
Located in Hoover, AL, Aldridge Gardens is a 30-acre garden that features many varieties of hydrangeas.



Norfolk Botanical Garden
Boasting 1.5 acres of hydrangeas in the Kaufman Hydrangea Garden, the Norfolk Botanical Garden showcases over 300 hydrangeas representing 20 different species and over 200 cultivars. This 155-acre garden is located in Norfolk, VA.

Additional Web Resources

A great resource for general hydrangea information for many varieties.