Landscaping With Hydrangeas

Endless Summer® Hydrangea shrubs offer everything you are looking for in perennial flowering shrubs: beautiful full blooms, multiple hydrangea colors, low-maintenance care, and versatility in planting and hydrangea arrangements. With the collection’s unique re-blooming quality, these hydrangea bushes will fill your garden with incredible blooms all summer long!

Because of their adaptability, Endless Summer® Hydrangeas are great additions to your landscape in so many ways. Whether you are growing hydrangea on many acres, or have a small garden alongside your home, Endless Summer will be the instant hero of your garden.

Garden Designs

What could be easier or more welcoming than Endless Summer® Hydrangea Macrophylla at your entryway? If your entryway gets morning sun and afternoon shade this design is ideal.

Focal Point

Use the big, beautiful blooms of your hydrangeas to capture attention at a specific place in your home or garden.

In a Hedge Border

Create an attractive perennial border or privacy hedge with the blooms and deep green foliage of an Endless Summer hydrangea.

Soften a Fence Line

Make a fence line less obtrusive with the impressiveness of hydrangea shrubs.

Mixed with Perennials

Add variety and texture to your garden by mixing hydrangeas with other perennial flowers.

Foundation Plantings

Create structure and curb appeal to your home by adding impressive Endless Summer hydrangea shrubs to your landscape.

In Containers

Utilize the versatility of hydrangeas by planting them in containers. They can be placed throughout your landscape to add a pop of variety and color.