DIY Upcycled Outdoor Side Table

We’ve all been at a gathering where there are not enough tables for people and their drinks at one point in time. If you’re worried about this happening at your next happy hour in the garden, or you’re just looking for a fun DIY project, try upcycling an old decorative container into an outdoor side table perfect for drinks and hydrangea arrangements!

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Old decorative container with saucer
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint – we used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra-Cover Latex Paint
  • All surface spray paint – we used Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface Spray Paint in Dead Flat Clear
  • Painter’s tape
  • A clean area outside to craft!

Step 1: Tape the saucer

Tape the bottom of the inside lip using the painter’s tape. To get a clean line, rip the tape into smaller sections. Once finished, set aside in a clean area.

Step 2: Tape the container

Tape just below the rim on the exterior of the container. You will be painting the outside of the rim only, so make sure the tape is secure so no paint will get on the sides.

Step 3: Paint! 

Using a paint color of your choice, paint the exterior and interior rim of the container. You won’t see much of the interior, so no need to worry about where the paint stops. When that’s complete, set aside in a clean area to dry.

Grab the saucer and paint the inside and outside of the lip. Make sure you don’t pain the bottom where the container typically sits on the saucer. Set aside in a clean area and let it dry.

You should only need one coat of paint to cover these areas, but feel free to give it another coat if you missed any spots.

Step 4: Spray with a clear topcoat

Make sure to be outside and in a well-ventilated space when completing this step. Once both the container and saucer are dry, set the saucer and container on a clean surface that you don’t mind getting some clear spray paint on. Then, follow the directions on the bottle and spray to cover.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Once the clear coat is dry, put the saucer face up inside the container. Now you’ve got an outdoor side table! Cut some of your blooming Endless Summer® Hydrangeas from the garden for some decor, and you’re set!

No more worrying about drink space when you can upcycle any old decorative container in just five simple steps. Make sure to share your project with us by tagging @endlesssummerhydrangeas. Have fun creating!