Behind the Scenes in the Greenhouse

Want a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite hydrangeas? Here they are in the greenhouse outside of St. Paul Minnesota as we prepare them to ship for Mother’s Day. Look at the incredible amount of buds on our new BloomStruck variety! Did you know that this mophead hydrangea was actually bred from our Twist-n-Shout® lacecap hydrangea? Dr. Michael Dirr, the world-renowned plantsman and breeder, used the genetics from Twist-n-Shout to develop BloomStruck.

You’ll notice that they both share the strong, beautiful red stem. This is especially important for BloomStruck because the red stems will be crucial in keeping ALL of these big blooms standing tall in your garden. Unlike many Hydrangea macrophylla, BloomStruck has proven itself to stand tall and not droop on the hot summer afternoons. We hope you get excited to have these new hydrangea in your garden this spring, and look forward to seeing your photos!